AcuRite 01500 Pro 5-in-1

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01500 Pro 5-in-1 Specifications

10.8" x 5.6" x 13.8"
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the 01500 pro 5-in-1 weighs 3 pounds


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Editorial Review

For the features that you get, the Acurite 01500 Pro 5-in-1 weather station is one of the best deals on the market currently. If you look at enough personal weather stations -- that is, weather stations that aren't designed to be used at universities or by people who predict the weather at a major-market TV station -- you'll notice that they fall into two groups. The first group includes a thermometer (often two, with one in an outdoor unit connected wirelessly to the indoor display), probably a barometer (an essential item if you want to do actual weather forecasting) and maybe a hygrometer, which measures the humidity. All of this is usually packaged attractively and priced at the impulse-buy level.

The second group adds a wind gauge, a weather vane and a rain meter, so you'll know which direction the wind is blowing, how hard it's blowing, and how much rain has fallen. These are the expensive weather stations and, in extreme cases, can run over a thousand dollars brand new. Presumably it's the mechanical parts that keep the prices high.

The Pro 5-in-1 falls into the second group, the expensive group, but it's at the bottom of the scale for units with those features. You get the basic stuff, like the thermometer and the hygrometer, but it also has the mechanical stuff, so for its cost you'll be getting the real deal. Acurite is a major producer of weather stations and has higher priced models, so one assumes some corners have been cut here, but if you want a full-featured weather station at a price that, in a new model, would be just above impulse-buy range, it's worth looking at.

To see what else Acurite has available with similar features, look at the AcuRite 01512. And for a similar product from the competition, look at the Davis Instruments Vantage Vue.

AcuRite 01500 Pro 5-in-1 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4

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This weather station fits the bill for me wind speed and direction, and rainfall amounts as well...Installation was easy...I like that there are literally no wires.

Tom's Guide

Device is so easy to use, all the technical jargon is not necessary...a complete weather have to try this one. You will not be disappointed.

Tom's Guide

Started out great, but to fail within 3 days of use is pitiful...I wouldn't recommend AcuRite products because they fail to work after a very short period of time.

Tom's Guide

It took multiple tries and patience to calibrate the rain gauge, but he got it set up. Worked like a dream for a few months and then we began having signal problems.

Tom's Guide

It worked OK for about 6 months then just froze. Tried everything but it was just dead. This is just a poor quality unit.

Tom's Guide

It measured the rain in the tenth, don't have to empty rain gauge, the temperature has been the same as the weather on TV, liked the display unit and easy to get started.

Tom's Guide