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01079M Pro Specifications

7.4" x 1.3" x 8.2"
battery life


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757456  088334

Editorial Review

AcuRite weather stations are extremely modular, which means that when you buy one of their weather station packages you're basically getting a different mixture of the parts that come with their other packages. The 01079M Pro's mix most closely resembles that of the AcuRite 01058RM, in that the outdoor sensor portion, which measures the conditions in your yard, is the higher end Pro version of the 5-in-1 sensor module that comes with at least three-quarters of their products. The Pro version doubles the number of solar panels that power the internal fan in order to minimize extraneous heating effects that can bollix its internal temperature readings. Otherwise, the Pro sensor offers the same data that the less expensive sensor offers: temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction and rainfall measurement.

Those who are pennywise in addition to being weatherwise will be thrilled to know that this unit sells, new, for a lower cost than the 01058RM, which means that corners must have been cut somewhere. What those corners may be isn't obvious, though; Chaney Instruments, the AcuRite parent company, may simply be offering a lower-cost alternative to make way for some super powerful station looming on next year's horizon. Like the older model, this unit comes with AcuRite's colorful indoor display that shows off both the readings from the external unit and a weather forecast based on the data, both in the form of an instantly readable icon and a one-line streaming flow of weather chatter. The data is also readable from the company's free smartphone app or the PC and Mac software that can be downloaded from their website. To keep meteorology enthusiasts salivating, it also networks automatically with the Weather Underground website, where it shares your data with anyone else who may need to know about weather conditions in your neck of the climate zone.

If AcuRite's modular systems aren't to your taste, check out the Oregon Scientific WMR-200A Professional, which additionally measures UV radiation but comes with a higher price tag. If the Oregon Scientific isn't to your taste, there's the stylish Netatmo NWS01-US, which is also powerful and more futuristic looking.

AcuRite 01079M Pro | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4

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Now I can readily see everything that's going on from the comfort of my living room! The AcuRite gives me everything I was looking for in one high quality instrument!

Tom's Guide

Very inaccurate temperature. The unit is placed per directions but in direct sunlight the temperature on the outside readout is 20+ degrees off.

Tom's Guide