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3.4" x 1" x 5.8"
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Editorial Review

With the possible exception of astronomy, meteorology must be the oldest science. Prehistoric humans watched the night skies because they were a spectacular calendar of the seasons and a pleasant diversion to stare at on cloudless evenings, but weather was an immediate threat. Learning to recognize the weather patterns that led to violent storms would have been a necessary survival skill.

For modern humans who live in climate-controlled homes, weather isn't quite the threat that it once was, though people living in tornado- or hurricane-prone regions might disagree. Weather still causes problems even in less storm-prone regions, though, and knowing in advance what the weather is going to be is still important. Like competitors La Crosse and Oregon Scientific, the Minnesota-based Chaney Instrument Co. offers a large line of affordable weather station under its AcuRite brand, any one of which will give you at least as good a look at the local weather as any prehistoric human ever had. The AcuRite 00509 Color Weather Station displays the indoor and outdoor temperature as well as the barometric pressure. More importantly, it shows which way both of these figures are trending, which is especially important with the air pressure. Primitive humans needed to watch the wind and sky to tell if there was a storm coming. A weather station like the 00509 tells you that simply by showing you that the barometer is falling.

There are a lot of weather stations that can give you this kind of information -- check the brands linked above, for instance -- and your choice of which one to buy may come down to how attractive the display is. For the record, the 00509 has an attractive, colorful display. But, then, so does the La Crosse Technology 308-146.

AcuRite 00509 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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I love this thing! Looks nice on the counter or bookshelf and very accurate temperature readings both in and out. I am quite happy with this purchase.

Tom's Guide

It is wonderful and neat to have the basic weather immediately after waking up. It is a perfect size for small places. I would buy it again.

Tom's Guide