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Cayago F7 Specifications

Dim xl
the cayago f7 weighs 143.3 pounds


maximum speed


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Editorial Review

Luxury calls many images to mind -- big, soft, poofy silk sheets and downy bedding; sumptuous and extravagant foods prepared to perfection and laid out as an endless banquet; a yacht the size of an ancient city-state. One common element of luxury is its price -- luxury does not come cheap. If you have to ask how much it costs, you probably can’t afford it. That kind of thing.

In the realm of watersports and water-work devices, one rises, as cream to the surface, as a device of self-proclaimed luxury. This is no mere simple, single-handed diver dragger like the Hollis H-160. Nor compact, submarine, two-handed tug-bot like the Sea Doo RS1. It isn’t even the hands-free pusher of the deep, the Tusa SAV-7 that lays claim to luxury sea-toy-man-ship.

Seabob’s Cayago F7 is described as a luxury sea-toy and, regardless of dearth of physical comfort, comestible satiety or even ostentatiously ridiculous excess, does pack a wallop at the check-out. One doesn’t ride the Cayago F7 like a polo pony or even jet-ski, so the back and posterior aren’t battered riding the wakes. Instead one enjoys the luxury of their chest and stomach gently bouncing off the F7 as it brings the rider up for air or down for water. Beneath the waves it looks like fun. It moves with gusto and excellent maneuverability. It can skim the surface or dive to depths of 120 feet for those of sufficient lung capacity. It goes more than 12 mph per hour on the water and over 8 mph underneath it. The Cayago F7 has 10 power gears controlled by piezo buttons, allowing the rider to adjust it to their personal skill levels or tastes. Touted as environmentally friendly, the HP motor is supposedly emission-free and quiet. An illuminated LCD screen provides the rider with the sea-scooter’s status, including the depth and water temperature.

Seabob Cayago F7 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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The Cayago F7 is one of the coolest underwater toys we have come across at BoatTEST and is sure to provide some pretty amazing adventures for its owners.

Tom's Guide

CAYAGO F7 is completely environmentally friendly . . . the high-performance HP motor is emission-free and almost silent to the ear.

Tom's Guide