3D Robotics Solo

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Solo Specifications

released date


the solo weighs 11.7 pounds


maximum flight time

25 min

maximum speed


maximum carrying weight


video camera included
operating range in feet


phone controllable
battery life


has wifi
a video

Editorial Review

3D Robotics has brought forth the Solo, a UAV designed around the camera it carries: the GoPro Hero. Solo has a very sharp-looking pre-bound transmitter as simple as a video-controller with dual joysticks and dedicated dials for the optional gimbal/cam. The controller has a good sized screen and there is a mobile app for Android and iOS devices. GPS navigation provides for functions such as Orbit, Cablecam, Selfie and Follow Me. A twin-computer flight control system allows for autonomous flight, increasing stability and safety by splitting the processing load. With one-button flying you can take-off, land and return home, and if things get dodgy, there’s even a pause button.

The Solo is perhaps a slap at Walkera’s proprietary iLook image capture systems, but there can be little doubt that the name to top in high-altitude photography is GoPro. This is amazing and cutting edge technology to send a camera aloft. More and more it seems the drone is the appendage to the camera, and not the other way around. As such, it is easy to understand why operators would prefer the best camera for the best camera-drone. The Walkera Voyager 3 is equipped with a beautifully crafted camera-ball gimbal-system built for iLooks. As a result of customer wailing and gnashing of teeth, Walkera has adapted it to accommodate the GoPro.

The Solo offers that rare payload figure suggesting it can carry up to 1 pound. It’s curious that a UAV designed for a camera doesn’t come with it or even its gimbal as standard equipment but such are the vagaries of the market. Solo’s fixed landing gear seem particularly rigid, and they limit the camera gimbal for pans, though these can be accomplished by panning the UAV.

3D Robotics Solo | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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Allows the user to tailor the responsiveness of the platform to their own experience levels. The built in features...make the first time user a potential pro photographer.

Tom's Guide

Everything works as advertised and I am amazed by the smart shots. I get professional footage every time. I highly recommend the Solo.

Tom's Guide

Other than two major problems, I had a great experience with Solo....the app is smooth, it flies predictably and fast, and return to home is precise

Tom's Guide

Overall I love it and it's very durable...But I have broken 4 propellers already and it's only been a week and a half. So I'd recommend buying lots of replacements.

Tom's Guide

The Solo is stable, and while I did notice a little bit of shake in some of my footage, it was only for a fleeting few moments as I flew into the wind—that's not unexpected.

Tom's Guide