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Vine TJ-610 Specifications

4.4" x 1" x 3.8"
released date


the vine tj-610 weighs 0.4 pounds


phone controllable
has scheduling
has wifi

Editorial Review

The Nest Learning Thermostat, when it was released in 2011, became one of those rare inventions that not only created a brand-new product category but caught the interest of another famously innovative company, Google, which now owns Nest and the product they pioneered. The Nest had clearly arrived.

But just as popular songs often get covered by artists besides the ones who originally recorded them, dozens of companies keep their eyes on products that catch the kind of attention that the Nest did and try to make attention-catching versions of their own. Hence, there are dozens of thermostats on the market now that work a lot like the Nest does. Some of them may even be better, and some aren't quite as good. And if their manufacturers are lucky, they'll make the kind of money that Google is making for the Nest.

Xing Connected's Vine products have roots in both Hong Kong and Silicon Valley, and it shouldn't be surprising that one of their product managers was formerly at Google. Whether he led Xing to market a line of smart thermostats not unlike Google's isn't known, but it hardly seems like coincidence that Xing has introduced the Vine TJ-610, a touchscreen wall thermostat with an associated app that allows it to be programmed by day and hour, with eight settings per day. In addition to the app, the temperature can be set using the rotating dial on the wall unit.

Smart though it may be, Xing doesn't advertise that the Vine TJ-610 has any learning capabilities or that it can follow you around via your smartphone's GPS so that it knows when you need the HVAC on based on how many miles you are from your front door. For that you might need a unit with a higher IQ, like the Nest or Honeywell's Lyric.

Xing Vine TJ-610 | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 5

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Support was not very helpful as what appeared to be hyperlinks were just labels that went nowhere...Overall a good looking unit but not worth the hassle.

Tom's Guide

This thermostat is great. Compact size and loaded with features. Setup is amazingly simple and the app is packed with controls and settings.

Tom's Guide