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EVSE-RS Specifications

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the evse-rs weighs 20.2 pounds


Editorial Review

With the fight against man-made climate change progressing at full force, the demand for electric vehicles is scaling with humanity's desire to reduce its carbon footprint. This strong push to live in a sustainable manner is driving a slew of industries catering to this new world of non-emitting transportation, from electric bikes and cars to new form factors entirely. For the electric automobiles, a variety of charging stations, public and private alike, are becoming rapidly more available. One of the top choices for private electric vehicle charging is this one, Aerovironment's EVSE-RS.

Declared "The Official 2017 EV Home Charging Station" for the Chevy Bolt by GM, the EVSE-RS claims a charge speed of "up to five times those of 'standard cordsets'", a promise offering great convenience for EV drivers. While it is on the expensive side of the home charger market, the EV-SR has been consistently lauded for its easy install, reliability, and long-term consistency in performance. The somewhat futuristic aesthetic certainly doesn't hurt, either.

The global development of industrial economies has brought the automobile to every corner of the globe. According to the Union of Concerned Scientists, nearly one-fifth of total emissions comes from automobiles — and extrapolating this effect the world over paints a harrowing future for those concerned with humankind's carbon dioxide output. International pushes like the Paris Agreement can compel a difference to be made (to what degree remains to be seen), but the real change comes from individual choices to be conscious of one's environmental income. Such considerations will certainly endear one to electric transport once undergone.

AeroVironment EVSE-RS | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4

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This is annoying when this happens during overnight charging cycles and the vehicle doesn't get charged.

Tom's Guide

This charger is well made of high quality component parts, but it's grossly overpriced.

Tom's Guide

The AeroVironment EV charger is an excellent and tested choice that comes with an endorsement from major electric vehicle manufacturers.

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