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CT100 Z-Wave Specifications

5.9" x 0.7" x 4.5"
released date


the ct100 z-wave weighs 0.8 pounds


phone controllable
has scheduling
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Editorial Review

Heat is a fluid. Or at least it behaves like one when it travels convectively through air and water. At a microscopic level, though, it's more like a massive ballroom dance being performed by billions of footloose atoms and molecules as they parade their carefree rhythms around your house and yard, with the dance becoming wilder, and hotter, as the temperature rises.

The 2Gig CT100 Z-Wave programmable thermostat will direct that molecular heat dance through any home that uses the Z-Wave wireless control standard for appliances, especially for HVAC. Because Z-Wave appliances are designed to provide whole-home energy usage, the CT100 has to be paired with the local network of smart appliances, a kind of Intranet of Things that takes control of the electronic superego that coordinates everything from your lighting and swimming pool to your security system. Once connected it can communicate with other devices and be controlled by a backlit touchscreen on the wall unit. It also works with compatible temperature sensors, not included.

The CT100 works with the Z-Wave beaming system, which conserves power by allowing devices to sleep much of the time, waking up every few seconds to see if another device has left a message in their in-boxes alerting them that their services are needed. Aside from this capability, the device is designed to substitute for most standard thermostats and thus can be inserted into systems that have not yet joined the Z-Wave revolution. A pair of AA batteries will keep the CT100 performing its ballroom dance of thermodynamics for two years, according to its manufacturers.

Although its interoperability with the Z-Wave standard adds value to this smart device, it's far from your only choice as smart thermostats go. Any search of alternatives should begin with the ultra-popular Nest Learning Thermostat, which put smart thermostats in the public eye to begin with, but could continue with the Carrier Cor and others.

2Gig CT100 Z-Wave | Reviewed by Botdb | Rating: 4

CT100 Z-Wave Reviews From Around The Web


Very impressed with it. It's been rock solid and stable. It does its job very well...One of the best Z-Wave devices I've bought.

Tom's Guide

Can be modified only from your phone or tablet. You cannot do anything other than a temporary temperature override from the thermostat itself.

Tom's Guide

I love the battery option...The touchscreen is a little touchy, but on a Z-wave device, I don't expect that it'll be an issue.

Tom's Guide

No way to program a schedule directly from the thermostat controls...options offer great flexibility and there is an override feature on the controls to adjust temperature.

Tom's Guide